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Past Yearly Winning Percentage Records

  • 2014 432-217 = 649 Picks 66%
  • 2015 440-236 = 676 Picks 65%
  • 2016 428-210 = 638 Picks 67%
  • 2017 394-202 = 596 Picks 66%
  • 2018 464-221 = 685 Picks 67%
  • 2019 489-235 = 724 Picks 67%
  • 2020 334-173 = 507 Picks 65%

Membership Packages

  • One Month Package

    62% Guaranteed or receive one week complimentary

  • Three Months Package

    64% Guaranteed or receive Two weeks complimentary

  • Six Months Package

    66% Guaranteed or receive three weeks complimentary

  • One Year Package

    68% Guaranteed or receive one month complimentary


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With the Supreme Court ruling in May 2018 lifting the ban on betting on baseball, basketball, and football, sports bettors throughout the United States have the best day of their lives. Considering the huge stakes involved in the betting game, many sports investors consider it worth the money to hire experienced handicappers for various sports. Professional handicappers with extensive experience in providing Sports Handicapping Monitoring Services make it easy to maximize winning percentage and get good profits.

We at Sports Handicapping Service (SHS) take pride in our experienced MIT-X Management Team. We are a world-leader in the handicapping industry serving over 4,200 of sports investors, bettors and our clients all over the world.

Why Rely on Us For Sports Handicapping Service?

We have a team of Top Sports Handicappers who are MIT alumni with over two decades of experience in sports handicapping. These seasoned professionals provide comprehensive consultancy service and information for a variety of sports that include Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, UFC, college sports, and others.

We offer all-inclusive membership package at a competitive price that includes round the clock support and access to our management team, complete access to all sports plays and guaranteed winning percentage.

With our offices at 5 different locations in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Dubai, Macau, and Sydney, we provide outstanding handicapping service to all our clients in a professional and seamless way. Established in 2002, by Rod Dalbec in Las Vegas, we provide the best competitive advantage to sports bettors or sports investors worldwide.

Our clients can leverage on the expertise and experience of the team of Best Sports Handicappers in Las Vegas who will provide the winning guarantee and thus save their time and provide them the maximum ROI.

What Makes Us Stand Apart From Others

We are not an average handicapping service provider making tall claims and failing to stand true to the expectation of the prospects. We are the number one sports handicapping company in the world with proven credentials. We have an impressive track record of performance and our long list of satisfied clients and their testimonials attest our quality of service. Our winning rate for sports betting was nearly 68% in 2018 and 66% in 2017.

Here is a checklist of some important points that make us simply outstanding:-

  • Highly Experienced team of staff who are experts in mathematics, probability, statistics, and bookmaking.
  •  Our global network
  • We provide the best (maximum) winning guarantee
  • We offer full access to all sports plays
  • Clients get maximum value for the money.

Whether you are a struggling sports investor or a sports bettor passionate to get the best sports handicapping service, consult our experts and let every penny of your investment count.

Why Choose Us

"Every poll we take of the top Sports Handicapping Services is boring, because Sports Handicapping Service always wins in a landslide"

"#1 Sports Handicapping Service of the year, four years running!!"

"Sports Handicapping Service is located in impressive facility's around the world Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Dubai, Monte Carlo, Macau an now in Sydney. The infrastructure boast high powered servers and secure connections to ensure there is never a down time. Each location is occupied by different departments, from customer service, membership sales, IT staff and marketing. Over all, it's by far the highest ranked Sports Handicapping Service in the world!"