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Our MIT-X Team

The MIT-X Management Team
oversees all our sports handicappers
and professionals

who research and investigate all the plays we provide to our members.
Our team is extensive and located around the world so we can get
access to all sports events no matter where it is located.

Rod Dalbec, CEO & Founder

When the internet was just getting started Rod had a vision: Create a Sports Handicapping Service to consult investors and assist them in making the correct choices. As a MIT Alumni, Rod knows statistics, and in the early days he formally set the lines in Vegas. He is now on the other side and is beating those lines.

Rod has partnered with nine other MIT Alumni making up the MIT-X Management Team. He has grown SHS from one location in 2002 to five by 2014. With offices in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Dubai, Macau, and Sydney, He has positioned SHS in key casino locations around the world.

"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get."

Past Yearly Winning Percentage Records

  • 2014 432-217 = 649 Picks 66%
  • 2015 440-236 = 676 Picks 65%
  • 2016 428-210 = 638 Picks 67%
  • 2017 394-202 = 596 Picks 66%
  • 2018 464-221 = 685 Picks 67%
  • 2019 489-235 = 724 Picks 67%
  • 2020 334-173 = 507 Picks 65%

Rod & his MIT-X Team has been so successful that he is putting a

"Winning Guarantee" on his Membership Packages up to 68%.